ScottGu Keynote


  • 100k VMs running on launch day of Titanfall
  • Sochi Live Encoding, across multiple Azure regions, 2.1 million concurrent viewers
  • IaaS Developer Experience
    • IaaS Management capabilities (VM creation etc) from within Visual Studio
    • Interactively debug apps on an IaaS VM. Selecting “Debug” in Visual Studio dynamically enables a debugging agent in the VM
  • DevOps
    • Lauch “Puppet Enterprise” master server from the @MicrosoftAzure portal, and have “Puppet Enterprise Agent” or “Chef” dynamically injected into a VM instance
    • Puppet Enterprise: Less maintenance of golden images on IaaS. Bring IaaS story much closer to the Cloud Services experience which @MicrosoftAzure provides since 2009.
  • IaaS Announcements
    • Puppet Support and Chef Support
    • Autoscaling GA
    • Static internal IP addresses
  • Web Sites
    • Java apps on @MicrosoftAzure web sites
    • VIP swap and Staging Support on Web Sites
    • Web Jobs (background jobs)
    • GA of Traffic Manager for Web Sites
    • GA for autoscaling Web Sites
    • More SSL Endpoint (5-SNI and 1-IP SSL certificate) for WebSites customers
  • Mobile Services
    • Mobile Services support MongoDB and Azure Table Storage
    • Having a .NET backend in Mobile Services, authenticating with Active Directory, pushing records to SharePoint, and re-using the .NET business logic from the portable class library cross-platfrom with Xamarin on iOS
  • CDN Generally Available
  • Notification Support for Kindle
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
    • Maximum size goes from 150GB to 500GB
    • Automatic backups and self-service restore
    • Active geo-replication
  • HDinsight
    • Hadoop 2.2 support
    • NET 4.5 support
    • Audit and Operation history
    • Hive Query enhancements
    • YARN (yet another resource negotiator) support
  • Windows Azure Storage supports read-access to the secondary

Anders Heijlsberg on Roslyn

  • Roslyn Project will be open sourced @
  • Other open source
  • Azure Resource Manager (Preview):
  • Visual Studio Online is now GA


  • .NET MicroFramework continues to rock, becomes generics and improved perf

Azure Resource Management

  • “Resource Group” is the unit of management
  • Each “Resource” must belong to exactly on “Resource Group”

“Azure Resource Groups” - Rezepte, um Sites, Maschinen und Datenbanken skriptgesteuert hochziehen. Chef/Puppet Support für Azure, um Maschinen-Inhalte sauber zu deployen Java Support auf Azure WebSites (Jetty, Tomcat) SQL Azure: (500 statt 150 GB), Backup/restore/snapshots CDN Availability

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